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map of toronto divided by postal code

Understand sentiment, spatially

The data behind your stakeholders and engagements has more to tell than rows in a table. Is there a particular postcode that you need to focus your messaging towards? Know instantly by seeing your stakeholder, visitors and sentiment data spatially with CA's Integrated Analytics.

Project Visitors Avg time Avg sentiment
Kingston Avenue 493 Live 3 00:59 5 Neutral
Main Street 9380 Live 75 04:22 37 Positive
Cullen Light Rail 15,083 Live 60 05:38 59 Positive
Link Bridge 209 Live 19 03:17 3 Somewhat positive
Total 25,165 Live 157 03:34 104 Positive

Track performance across multiple projects and sources

Your engagement efforts are rarely done without consideration of other connected projects. View which projects are performing and which ones need more attention with CA's global dashboards.

Form submission+session data

Ever wondered if that form submission was truly a considered one? CA's form submission+session data peals back the layers to reveal the portal interaction from a stakeholder leading up to their submission.

So whether they breezed in to shoot a complaint off or they studied your project in great detail before making a considered comment, you'll now have the data to support your follow-up decisions.

image/svg+xml CA-Website-SVG-CMSync CA-Website-SVG-CMSync

Sync to and from Borealis

Canvass can automatically sync stakeholders, engagements, events, form submissions, subscriptions and more to and from Borealis.

A full synchronization from Borealis to CA allows CA Portals to sync form submissions to existing stakeholders in Borealis and allows Canvass to provide Intelligent Search and geolocation search results on-the-fly.

If your project uses a different CRM please let your dedicated CA success manager know and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Other key Integrated Analytics features

CA Integrated Analytics has even more to offer — here are just a few of the additional features available.

Secure, Canadian hosting

CA is Canadian-owned, Canadian-built, and hosted on secure private servers in Canada. Our server engineers ensure data is encrypted in transit and at rest, meaning your data and those of your stakeholders is secure. Find out more at our dedicated privacy and data page.

Detailed Portal analytics

Dive deep on your portal's analytical data to learn exactly what is performing, what is most popular, and where your messaging could use some honing. And with detailed visitor and search reporting maps, you can learn exactly where you're most engaged stakeholders are visiting from.

Full history and audit trail

Keep tabs on exactly who adjusted what with a stakeholder, or who exported a report and when, by viewing our detailed audit trails. The full engagement history of individual stakeholders keeps an on the record log of exactly whether a stakeholder was or wasn't made aware of your critical project facts.

Dashboards and exports

Adjust your dashboard date range to see the data you need for your reports, and when you're ready export to PDF or Excel. See data across all projects in the Global projects dashboard, or go deeper into individual projects to learn about portal, engagement and interactive engagements.

VR and Interactive 3D stats

Integrated Analytics captures and presents a wide gamut of data, not just your Portal and Canvass engagements. Spatial Media VR and Interactive 3D products are tracked and stakeholder sentiment is fully integrated into one seamless reporting system.

Order free VR demo kit here

Segmenting detail   coming soon

Segment for A/B testing or export reports that only meet specific criteria of your choosing. This closed-alpha feature is slated for development release in the near future.

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Frequently asked questions

What information does your tracking record?

Integrated Analytics is closely coupled with CA Portals and Canvass to ensure a deep level of useful data is collected. Integrated Analytics captures more than just pageviews and time on site, such as total video plays, most popular hotspots, most popular categories or map filters, most popular searches, stakeholder geolocation and sentiment, and much more.

Can I use CA's Integrated Analytics outside of CA products?

Yes. CA's tracking code can be embedded on any website you nominate and can collate all data in one location through your CA dashboard.

Can I use Google Analytics instead?

Yes. Google Analytics (or any analytical tracking service you prefer) can be integrated into your CA Portals.

Can I create and update my own reports dashboards?

Custom dashboard functionality is on our Analytics development roadmap, but is not available at this time. We can, however, provide any customisation required through our CA development team as part of your CA license fee.

What will be synced to Borealis and how often?

All stakeholder, event, engagement and subscription information is synced to and from Borealis. Upstream syncs (from CA to Borealis) occur every 15 minutes. Downstream syncs occur once daily.

Can I request a feature you don't currently support?

Absolutely! CA has been built from the ground up with flexibility in mind. If you have an Analytics or admin functionality request, please speak with your CA success manager and we'll do everything in our power to accommodate your request as soon as possible.

In some cases a requested feature may already be planned for a near-future release. If that occurs then we will do our best to increase the priority of that feature build.

Where is Analytics data hosted?

Our Analytics infrastructure, tracking data, and all of CA is hosted on secure private Canada-based cloud servers.

Is all data encrypted?

Yes. All interactions with Canvass, and all interactions in your CA admin area, occur over an encrypted connection. All data is stored securely with multi-factor authentication and at-rest encryption ensuring data is kept secure.

Can your servers handle large volumes of traffic?

Yes. Our cloud servers are designed to seamlessly scale to meet the fluctuating needs of engagements, from small scale projects to large surges of traffic. Our active 24/7 monitoring triggers alerts to our server engineers when traffic or server demand is spiking beyond normal levels, ensuring there are resources allocated to serve the grow in demand.

Do you keep backups of data?

Yes. All data is regularly backed up and securely stored in daily snapshots and prior to any major functionality updates.

How do you handle security breaches and data theft?

Our server engineers employ the latest best practice in code and data management, our systems use the most up-to-date software, and 24/7 system monitoring ensures the integrity of all data associated with your account.

In the unlikely event of a breach or data theft our team has a clear procedure and policy on how breaches are identified and how we advise of these breaches. A copy of this policy and other vital policies can be provided by your CA success manager.

What happens to data when a project ends?

At the end of your project's life there are several options for how your Analytics data is retired. At your discretion your data can be exported and provided to you, and then all data on CA servers permanently destroyed. Alternatively, your data can be "frozen" and your account suspended for later reference or use. Speak with your dedicated CA success manager to learn more.

How much does Integrated Analytics cost?

Integrated Analytics comes standard as part of a CA license. CA licenses are currently only available as enterprise plans. Details of costs are provided as part of your project quote. CA licensing is a monthly fee, but can be billed in bulk or folded into your project's PO, if required.

How many users can I have with my CA license?

Unlimited. We believe having a rich, accurate audit trail is vital, and knowing exactly who in your team did what is critical to that audit trail story. So, with CA there are no user limit restrictions, meaning everyone can have their own unique user account without fear of tipping past an arbitrary user cap.

How are license fees applied?

Our licensing allows unlimited users per project, and as such license fees apply per project. Project B can not piggyback on Project A's CA license. Speak with your dedicated CA success manager to learn more.

What level of support is provided with a CA license plan?

All CA license plans include our industry-renown level of customer service. You will be provided with the direct contact information of your dedicated CA success manager, and we aim to respond to all enquiries or requests for support within two hours.

Urgent bugs or updates are prioritised and are typically actioned within two hours of your CA success manager notifying the CA development team.

For further information about our SLA please speak with your CA success manager.

Get even more out of CA

The power of CA's Integrated Analytics is only part of the story. Combine it with Portals and Canvass to take your engagement to the next level.

Enrich your messaging

Your project can be shown in a better light than a standard PDF or a blurb of text. Even pre-rendered videos have engagement limitations. Open up a brand new world of engagement through rich content interactivity with CA Portals.

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Engage electronically

Manual scribble notes and event attendance counts on the back of paper is a thing of the past. Canvass CRM delivers all of the information and functionality you need, where you need it: out in the field when you're with your stakeholders.

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Learn why CA is the right fit for your project…

Increase your project understanding

CA Portals are the best way to convey complex project information to both internal and external stakeholders. PDF files, walls of text, and video animations can only do so much and often lead to more questions than answers. Portals increase project understanding by consolidating all material and presenting it in an engaging, easy-to-use, interactive format through before/after sliders, 360° experiences and dynamic maps that incorporate your custom project data and are designed to your style guide.

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The new standard for digital EA

Environmental Impact Assessments are large, complex, and often ovewhelming for many stakeholders. CA Portals break down these extensive (but important) documents into accessible chunks that stakeholders can access via specific chapter links, simplified map content, or a combination of both. With CA EA Portals successfully delivered for major Government infrastructure projects in Australia, CA has become the benchmark for how EA information is presented to the public.

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Passive, traditional and map-based feedback

CA Portals offer three easy-to-use paths for collecting stakeholder feedback. Passive feedback is collected through Integrated Analytics reports detailing which content users engage with most. Tradtional form-based feedback provides form submissions direct to your project inbox, CA dashboard and third-party CRM. Last, and certainly not least, map-based commenting allows stakeholders to place a marker anywhere on your project map and your team are notified to approve or reject their comment.

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Goodbye to the pen and paper

Canvass CRM is built for where you want to use it: on the road, at events, doorknocking, in front of stakeholders. Designed for tablet-first experiences Canvass packs a powerful punch: all project and stakeholder data, intelligent searching, syncronised event attendance counting, engagements automatically assigned to the correct events and stakeholders, and more. And when you're done for the day, your data is already synced to your preferred CRM like Borealis. Finish early today, Canvass has done all the work for you.

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Capturing every detail

Imagine knowing a stakeholder's history with your project before knocking on their door. Or knowing if a stakeholder has viewed your CA Portal and knowing exactly what they looked at. Or knowing what your colleague last presented to a stakeolder. Or knowing a stakeholder's sentiment trend change over the lifecycle of the project. Now, imagine all of this in one tool with a full audit log that captures every detail of a stakeholder's engagement history. Say hello to Canvass CRM.

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More to the story

Comments from stakeholders vary from small bursts of frustration to deep essays on the meaning of life, with some nice words sprinkled in from time to time. Our Canvass CRM and Portal CMS form submissions show there is more to the story by presenting a user's complete portal browsing history along with their form submission. Did they just jump on for 30 seconds with limited project understanding, or have they explored the portal for 30 minutes? Our Form Submission+Session technology has the answer!

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Let the data shed some light

Leverage the power of CA's Integrated Analytics to understand your stakeholder sentiment spatially. Are there pockets of stakeholders on a particular street that all have negative sentiment towards your project? Which streets haven't been doorknocked yet? Where are stakeholders who attend your events located? Dive deeper on your data and make sure you're targeting the correct stakeholders.

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Become as fluid as your stakeholders

It can be hard to predict the concerns of stakeholders, but with Integrated Analytics on your CA Portal or through looking at insights into your Canvass CRM category engagements, you can better understand what stakeholders are most interested or concerned with. Does your CA data show you have an unexpectedly high number of people concerned with a particular project feature? Augment your CA Portal on the fly to provide more information or instruct staff to adjust their messaging on the road.

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The more you know

How many visitors? Who clicked on which hotspots? What is the most popular postcode? Did that social media post generate a spike in traffic? Which addresses do users search for most? Which map layers are interacted with most? Which video is gaining the most traction? Answer these questions and more with Integrated Analytics dashboards reports that can be viewed in-browser, or exported as PDF or Excel documents.

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